Group Course

Where: Lincoln, NE
When: Mondays 7:00pm–9:00pm
Length: six weeks
Class Size: eight (adults only)
Fee: $145. (includes one-hour private instruction and rehearsal with professional rhythm section).
Additional private one-hour sessions for enrolled students: $45.

Five sessions are scheduled throughout the year:

Fall Session: starts early September
Holiday Session: starts early November
Winter Session: starts mid January
Spring Session: starts late March
Summer Session: starts late May

Dates and times change for each session. Please use the contact page to request more information about location, specific sessions etc.

Private Lessons

Are also available through Skype.
Fee: $50/hour
(Previous class members fee: $45/hour.)

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be purchased for either the six-week Group Course ($135) or Private Lessons ($50/hour).
Please use the contact page to request more information.

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